NS Intressenter is owned by Nicklas Storåkers together with Karl-Johan Persson and Nordstjernan. NS Intressenter’s ambition is to acquire and, through a long-term active ownership, develop a successful business within the service sector.

NS Intressenter will contribute with a long-term commitment, operational leadership experience and capital, which we believe are prerequisites to build the relationships needed to become successful in the service industry. NS Intressenter represents an extensive combined experience of building profitable growth by focusing on creating customer value and to unlock the full potential of a company and its employees.

NS Intressenter is a Swedish limited company.


Nicklas Storåkers
Tel: +46 70 861 80 01
E-mail: ns@nsintressenter.se

Mikael Lindahl
Tel: +46 70 744 74 43
E-mail: ml@nsintressenter.se

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